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  • Couple D.N.A Insight Sessions - 2.5hours
  • "Discover Your Couple D.N.A" Pre Marriage Program - 7 - 10 hours/ 1-2 day inner retreats
"A Masters in YOUR marriage" Program (early marriage) - 10-14 Hours/1-3 day inner retreats


  • Individual D.N.A Personality Developmental Pathway Assessment & growth path - 2 hours


The Alchemy of Love, 2.5hrs, 1 & 2 day training on Attuned Compassionate Communication, Couple weekend inner retreats, First baby and Family D.N.A

Complimentary Phone Consult

Free 20 min phone consult to discuss how the Couple D.N.A method will truly help you and your partner in your unique situation

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