Your Couple D.N.A

Couple Insight Sessions

70 minutes

These sessions help resolve repeating patterns & enhance understanding, empathy and connection in your relationship. Learn how the Dynamics operating in your relationship are a result of your combined personalities. Understanding each others beliefs, motivations and needs more deeply and accurately can be a game changer in how you interpret and relate to one another. These sessions will help you both grow and develop your relationship.

Discover Your Couple D.N.A

8 hours

A highly recommended Program of 4 x 2 hour sessions (8 hours) to discover your unique Couple D.N.A. (Dynamics. Neurobiology. Attention) – to build deep understanding between partners – for life.

This program includes:

  1. Exploring your dynamics and helping you both feel understood
  2. Two individual sessions to assess neurobiology and personality
  3. A tailored personality map for each partner
  4. A session to provide a map of how your two personalities intersect – the B.O.T.H Map – which explains your relationship ‘rubs’ and can future proof your relationship and protect your greatest asset.

Insight Sessions : Understand your Couple D.N.A and futureproof your relationship

(Sessions can be combined to create a Program of one 70 min session followed by 4x 2 hour sessions, or book in for any individual session below).

Session One : To understand what you each value & what you each want to be different in your relationship. Important to recognise your different family of origins and what attracted you to each other. Normalising, and making sense of challenges and building hope.

Session Two : Explaining the human condition. Our differences in hardwiring result in 9 life strategies – Personality Developmental Pathways (PDPs). The importance of determining the 2 patterns operating in your relationship that explain your relationship challenges.

Session Three : Individual Clinical Personality Assessment Interviews – to determine each of your personality patterns. Reading and reflection at home.

Session Four : The differences and similarities in your two personalities – that create your Couple D.N.A. Making sense of your needs & relationship issues – ‘no wonder’ we do this….

Session Five : Exploring your Personality Developmental Pathway (PDP) Map to discover your Couple D.N.A. Identifying & exploring the core beliefs that you’ve developed (through nature and nurture) -& how your beliefs drive where your attention goes and your partner’s attention goes. To reflect on how your beliefs serve you and serve each other, and how they might not.

Session Six : Continuing the PDP Map – Understanding the self-identity that you each developed – based on your beliefs – about what you each need to feel safe and loved. Also explore and identify your blindspots, and how these unconsciously impact your relationship. We can’t change what we can’t see, so its critical to make the unconscious conscious.

Session Seven : PDP needs – What are your primary personality needs? Every relationship issue is due to unmet needs. Every behaviour/reaction is a strategy to meet needs– recognising which strategies are effective and how to co-create new strategies that work for both of you. Introducing the Attuned Communication Formula.

Session Eight : The Relationship Trigger Loop. Repeating patterns/issues that don’t get resolved – Understanding that when your strategies to meet your needs don’t work you get triggered : then what you do (your reaction) triggers what your partner does and vice versa. Shifting attention. Breaking the Relationship Trigger Loop to hear each other and create connection.

Session Nine : The B.O.T.H Model.  Mapping out our Blindspots, Opportunities, Triggers & Honouring gifts. Knowing your vulnerabilities – your blindspots and triggers, AND using/honouring your strengths/gifts will lead you to find the opportunities in your relationship for long term healing and growth

Insight Workshops

8 hours

Workshops for individuals and couples, which cover what you must know about the unconscious motivations and dynamics in your relationships. It’s critical to know how different personalities affect relationships and understand those differences with compassion. This knowledge has been shown to significantly enhance relationships and improve connection.

3 hours, full day & weekend retreat workshops can be arranged

All workshops are tailored to the needs of the couples and individuals.