Your Couple D.N.A

Discover Your Couple D.N.A Program

and futureproof your relationship

Discover YOUR unique Couple D.N.A. (Dynamics. Neurobiology. Attention) – to build deep understanding between partners to live a life of unwavering connection, ever after 

(A highly recommended Program devised of 2.5 hour sessions/ 1 per week OR 2 to 3 day inner retreats (up to 15 hours) 

Intimacy means In To Me See. 

But often partners don’t really know each other as well as they think they do. This work will help you each truly know and honour each other – making your relationship be a safe haven to support and grow one another. This work is about learning about each other accurately and in a way that elicits compassion and motivates partners to want to adapt to meet their partner’s needs. There is NEVER blame or judgement in this work, just two equally valid views and reactions that need to be understood from the inside out with empathy and ownership. This work will elicit your best selves based on accurately and deeply knowing one another, caring about each other’s needs, and not stepping unconsciously on each other’s core vulnerabilities (avoiding in the future eliciting each other’s worst selves). You will know there is a higher purpose to your unique union – and a way to heal and grow yourselves and each other – sustaining this for life.

This program includes:

  1. Exploring your dynamics and helping you both feel understood
  2. Two individual sessions to assess neurobiology and personality
  3. A tailored personality map for each partner
  4. A session to provide a map of how your two personalities intersect – the B.O.T.H Map – which explains your relationship ‘rubs’ and can future proof your relationship and protect your greatest asset.
  5. Reveal your deepest needs each and the strategies that work to ensure you support each others needs for life.
  6. Being mindfully aware of each others vulnerabilities to be healing agents for one another 

Insight Sessions within the Couple D.N.A Program 

Session One :      (2.5 hours)

To understand what you each value & what you each want to be different in your relationship. Important to recognise your different family of origins and what attracted you to each other. There’s a higher purpose to your union – you each have something to teach the other – to bring our your best selves and your potential.  Exploring what attracted you to each other and the best of who you each are.  Understanding this method & recognising how you both can fall into an Infinity Trap and know how to not to do that! Exploring your challenges in a way that can see no one is at fault – two different sets of perspectives and predictable triggers based on your core beliefs and core motivations. That you both equally make sense once you understand each others inner worlds.  Introduction to your personality pathways. Normalising, and making sense of challenges and building hope


Session Two:      (2 hrs)

Explaining the human condition. Our differences in hardwiring result in 9 life strategies – Personality Developmental Pathways (PDPs). The importance of determining the 2 patterns operating in your relationship that explain your needs and relationship challenges, and most importantly how you can grow yourself and each other, to bring out your best selves.

Individual Clinical Personality Assessment Interviews – to determine each of your personality patterns.  Feedback on your two personalities and how they intersect well.

Couple D.N.A Relationship information to read and reflect upon your personality, and your partner’s, at home.


Session Three (2 Hrs)

Exploring your Personality Developmental Pathway (PDP) Map to discover your Couple D.N.A.  Identifying & exploring the core beliefs that you’ve developed (through nature and nurture) -& how your beliefs drive where your attention goes and your partner’s attention goes. And how each of your self identities have formed. based on your beliefs – about what you each need to feel safe and loved. Also explore and identify your blindspots, and how these unconsciously impact your relationship. We can’t change what we can’t see, so its critical to make the unconscious conscious.

 Your Couple D.N.A. Making sense of your needs & relationship issues – ‘no wonder’ we have these patterns and dynamics. Understanding your unmet childhood needs and how this understanding contributes to increasing motivation to meet each others needs and in so doing heal each other

Filling in your personality maps at home


Session Four:       (2hrs)

PDP needs What are your primary personality needs? Every relationship issue/every conflict is due to unmet needs. Every behaviour/reaction is a strategy to meet needs–  recognising which strategies are effective and how to co-create new strategies that work for both of you.   Introducing the Attuned Communication Formula for you to each be able to speak your truth, not bring up the others defence and be heard.   

Reflecting on Needs and Strategies


Session Five:     (2 Hrs)

The Relationship Trigger Loop: The infinity Trap. Repeating patterns/issues that don’t get resolved –  Understanding that when your strategies to meet your needs don’t work you get triggered (and often our triggers are because we had similar hurt in the past or in our childhoods). All triggers make complete sense! : but often what you do (your reaction) triggers what your partner does and vice versa. And you can stuck in the The infinity Trap.  Shifting attention. How to recognise when you’re both falling into the Trap and how to avoid it….  and instead how to hear each other and create connection. Practice the Attuned Communication Method that helps partners really connect…increasing intimacy.


Know the best research on what makes marriages thrives and what not to do. How do you support each other’s dreams and aspirations, be clear on any unspoken‘expectations’.

Practicing the Attuned communication at home



Session Six:        (2 Hrs)

Creating a Couple Manifesto.

Going back over all you need to know to understand how your vulnerabilities & gifts interact to grow the potential in you and your relationship … and keep your connection for life.

Create a Manifesto between you that lists your 1. Beliefs 2. intentions and 3. agreements in this unique and special partnership. How you will each love and protect it.



Follow up check in Zoom session (30mins) – complimentary – 3 months later.

Insight Workshops

8 hours

Workshops for individuals and couples, which cover what you must know about the unconscious motivations and dynamics in your relationships. It’s critical to know how different personalities affect relationships and understand those differences with compassion. This knowledge has been shown to significantly enhance relationships and improve connection.

3 hours, full day & weekend retreat workshops can be arranged

All workshops are tailored to the needs of the couples and individuals.