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  • You’re not feeling as connected as you used to and you want to become closer but you don’t know how, or
  • You realise your relationship is in a rut, or fear it is failing and although you’ve tried to improve things nothing has worked…..

In just 3 sessions you can…..

  • Deepen your connection by increasing your awareness of the unconscious dynamics at play in your relationship…you have a unique Couple D.N.A that is critical to know
  • Uncover strategies to increase mutual understanding and overcome repeating unhelpful patterns
  • Stop blaming each other, reframe and compassionately understand past hurts, finally communicating in a way where your needs get met
  • Experience profoundly positive transformations in your most important relationships – whether it be intimate, family or friends ……. and
  • Know how to bring out the best in each other to futureproof your relationship.

What if every couple knew their Couple D.N.ATM?
(Dynamics . Neurobiology . Attention)

There would be…
fewer misinterpretations, less blaming and judging

more understanding, appreciation & connection

About Tracy Baker-Lawrence

Tracy Baker-Lawrence is a leading Australian personality expert and relationship psychologist. She facilitates couple sessions, individual insight sessions, workshops, retreats, live interview panels, and presents at International conferences on personality.

Tracy has practiced for 20 years helping people resolve their frustrations and misunderstandings in their primary relationships with compassion – to enhance their connection for life. While she has always espoused the values of compassion, authenticity, ownership and integrity in her relationship work, it was only when Tracy discovered an incisive relationship enhancement tool 15 years ago, that she knew she had found the key to enabling couples to truly know each other’s inner worlds and experience lasting relationship growth & transformation.

Since then, Tracy has trained extensively in this tool and has become recognised for using a ‘gold standard’ clinical interview method – to accurately identify people’s personality patterns. Her skills have been honed through thousands of hours, conducting over 2000 interviews, to observe and codify peoples body language, verbal responses, intonations, and motivations.

Based upon her clinical knowledge, neuroscience and the best research on thriving relationships, Tracy developed her own unique therapeutic relationship methodology which incorporates your Couple D.N.A.™ and the B.O.T.H. model™.  Every couple has their own unique Dynamic – based upon each partner’s Neurobiology (hardwiring) and where each partner’s Attention in life goes. Uncovering how each of these elements intersect is paramount to empowering couples with the insights they need to finally resolve their particular recurring challenges. Partners come to accurately understand and fully appreciate each other and their differences, and importantly to grow as individuals and as a couple. Unlike any other relationship enhancement work, which tends to be generic, this method is uniquely tailored to the nature of each partner.

Tracy founded The insight Agency to use this transformative methodology, as she is on a mission to help people quickly and easily gain insight, understanding and empathy for themselves and their partner and connect like never before. When people know their inner world and their partner’s…..everything changes.

The insight Agency is a ‘Business For Good’ which means that for every client that has an insight session a child overseas is fed or gets much needed counselling.

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