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An effective new method that quickly gets to the root cause of challenges in relationships:
that predicts, prevents and heals hurt.

The missing piece in relationship work.

I’m so glad you’re here. It means you are taking ownership for creating the most loving relationship you can. And that’s half the work. Relationships can be so frustrating and confusing…but they don’t have to be. I’m passionate about partners not misunderstanding one another and have spent years developing a method that can be ‘truly life changing’, as many couples have told me. If you are here for any of the reasons below…..It’s No WONDER.
So, maybe…….
  • you’re in a new relationship and want to protect it AND know how to enhance the connection even further?
  • you are feeling frustrated/confused re your partner’s reactions/behaviour/triggers, and would like to understand one another more deeply?
  • you think your partner doesn’t understand how important certain things are to you, or doesn’t seem to care, responding with blame & defensiveness?
  • you are stuck in an infinity trap of repeating unhelpful patterns you’ve tried to break, not understanding each other’s perspectives, thinking and feelings, each of you trying be heard, but nothing has worked?
  • you are so hurt and distressed, thinking you have ‘irreconcilable’ differences, maybe ” I’ve married the wrong person”, and are considering separating? It is traumatic to have our primary attachment disrupted so significantly, and it is one of the worst pains we can ever feel. 

In just 3-6 sessions together we can:

  • Discover your unique Couple D.N.A – Understand accurately your & your partner’s personality – there are two sets of core beliefs, motivations, attentional biases, needs, triggers and strategies that all INTERACT to create your dynamics…and you MUST know these…as early as possible in your relationship
  • Explore the unconscious dynamics and blind spots at play in your relationship (we can’t change what we don’t know)
  •  Compassionately understand past wounds, vulnerabilities and hurts (that often aren’t identified, nor healed). It is these wounds that we trigger in one another – and then blame our partner for causing them, (which they didn’t) -which triggers their defensive/attack response. You both need to know each others wounds at the start so you don’t unintentionally step on them, & if you do – respond in a healing way, rather then compounding the hurt. We can induce attachment trauma in one another – and that is the last thing we’d ever want to do!
  • Understand that our reactivity is a sign something in us needs healing, and it is actually our partner who is the best placed person to help us heal, WHEN they know how. Turning triggers into healing.
  • Discover the 10 differences between you and your partner that need to be understood & honored to avoid misunderstandings, wrong assumptions and wrong conclusions that are the root cause of relationship challenges. Most times differences are not ‘irreconcilable’ – differences are ‘misunderstood’. The differences are NOT the problem; they are part of the attraction, and are what you actually need in order to heal and grow.
  • Understand every behaviour is a strategy to meet needs. Work out why the strategies you’ve been using haven’t worked, and co-create new strategies to meet YOUR needs AND your partner’s needs. (Its not about ‘treating our partner like we’d like to be treated’ – it is ‘treating’ them as they’d like to be ‘treated’, and vice versa).
  • Learn to communicate what really matters, in a way that your partner can truly understand and hear you, doesn’t get defensive, & instead feels motivated to support you. Learning to have needs based conversations.
  • Finally, know how to be agents of healing and growth, making it so safe that you can both be vulnerable and allow your true whole selves to be seen, accepted and loved- bringing out the best in each other  & protecting your LOVE for a lifetime.
If I had one wish….

It would be that all couples knew earlier on their fundamental personality patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving – and that most of their relationship challenges are predictable and preventable. My clients frequently tell me that they are devastated they didn’t know this information earlier in their relationship. It is heartbreaking. The suffering in a deteriorating relationship can create immense pain- we get attached to a primary person for them to be our safe place, and when they become the person we perceive as harming us – that is a very painful paradox that can create attachment trauma. I believe our worst behaviours come out when this is what we are experiencing.  And all conflict is about poorly expressed needs. Couples come to understand their triggers and learn how they can heal, and how they could have predicted and prevented hurting one another. 

If they’d only known 3 things : the missing piece from relationship work
1. How their two personalities interact
2.Their core wounds and vulnerabilities that will likely be triggered over time 
3. How to have needs based conversations 


In doing these sessions, couples came to realise that they’ve misinterpreted & jumped to wrong conclusions about their partner’s thinking, intentions and behaviour all along, creating unintentional and unnecessary pain. Now, however, they are being agents of healing and care for one another & can finally embrace the potential that was always there between them. And they can find the higher purpose to their unique union. 

It is the greatest privilege in my life to witness couples reconnecting, leaving holding hands,  understanding each other anew, attuned to one another’s needs again, & with a greater depth of intimacy (In To Me See) and sense of commitment to be each other’s person.

I offer a range of interventions depending on the stage of your relationship . For new couples do the 2 – 4 hour Couple D.N.A Session to lay a transformative foundation of understanding and compassion. And if your are hurting do the 6 -10 session Program to heal and futureproof your love. Or do this as a one day or two day intensive with me to fast track your learning and deepen your intimacy

What if every couple knew their Couple D.N.ATM?
(Dynamics . Neurobiology . Attention)

There would be fewer misinterpretations, less blaming and judging

more understanding, 
growth & connection

About Tracy Baker-Lawrence

Tracy Baker-Lawrence is a leading Australian personality expert and relationship psychologist. She facilitates couple sessions, individual insight sessions, workshops, retreats, webinars, live interview panels, and presents at International conferences on personality.

Tracy has practiced for over two decades helping people resolve their frustrations and misunderstandings in their primary relationships with compassion – to enhance their connection for life. While she has always espoused values of compassion, authenticity, ownership and integrity in her relationship work, it was only when Tracy discovered an incisive, comprehensive self awareness tool years ago, that she knew she had found the key to enabling couples to truly know each other’s inner worlds and experience lasting relationship growth & transformation.

Since then, Tracy has trained extensively in this tool and has become recognised for using a ‘gold standard’ clinical interview method – to accurately identify people’s personality patterns. Her skills have been honed through thousands of hours, conducting over 3000 clinical personality interviews, to observe and codify peoples body language, verbal responses, intonations, and motivations.

Based upon her clinical knowledge, neuroscience and the best research on thriving relationships, Tracy developed a unique therapeutic ‘ATTUNED’ relationship methodology……

About the ATTUNED methodology

This methodology incorporates your Couple D.N.A.™ and the B.O.T.H. model™.  Every couple has their own unique Dynamics – based upon each partner’s Neurobiology (hardwiring & personality) and where each partner’s Attention in life goes. Uncovering how these factors interact, alongside shared knowledge of their life experiences, conditioning, wounds and needs, we can empower couples with the insights they need to protect their love from the start, or finally resolve their particular recurring Infinity Trap. Working with the ‘why’ – the root cause of relationship pain,  partners come to accurately understand and fully appreciate each other and their differences, and importantly to grow and heal as individuals and as a couple. Unlike any other relationship enhancement work, which tends to be generic, this method is uniquely tailored to the nature of each partner. The method is based on the 4 principles of effective early intervention: it is personalised, predictive, preventative and prescriptive. 

Tracy founded The insight Agency to use this transformative methodology. She is on a mission to help couples quickly and easily gain insight, understanding and empathy for themselves and each other and find the deep love and connection they’ve always longed for. When they truly understand their own inner world and their partner’s ….. everything changes.

What if every time we meet

something good

happens in the world?

The insight Agency is a ‘Business For Good’ which means that for every insight session a child in need is fed or receives much needed counselling.

I believe in the power of heart, hope and action in creating a more compassionate world. And I believe it is up to us to create the change we want to see in the world.
The insight Agency has partnered with B1G1 (Business for Good) and in aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Goals, hopes to inspire others to be a force for positive impact also.

The insight Agency is passionate about enhancing your relationship and is very grateful for your contribution in creating more health & well-being in the world.

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