Your Individual D.N.A.

For anyone who would like to better understand relationships in their life – past, current or future. 

It is crucial for everyone to understand their primary beleifs, needs, triggers and why they react the way they do – to make sense of their relationships  AND have a unique growth path to give themselves the best chance of creating a thriving, connected relationship now or in the future.

Individual Insight Sessions

1 hour 

These sessions will give you a powerful, unique framework to help you make sense of your life.

Do you lead with head, heart or gut IQ? Most people don’t know they are driven by an unconscious emotional, cognitive and psychological pattern which impacts every aspect of their lives and relationships.

You cant change what you don’t know.

So discovering your pattern is essential as it explains the root causes of your relationship challenges – which are sure to be repeated if they remain unconscious. These sessions will provide you with a roadmap to understand yourself and others – for life.

Individual Personality Assessment

2 hours 30 minutes

This is a comprehensive evidence-based personality assessment, over two sessions, that explains who you are (which is so much more than you realise) & why you do what you do ….

From your hardwiring through to beliefs, attention, core needs, blind spots, triggers, reactions and potential.

Important knowledge for the rest of your life….A map of how to grow, & be your best self in your relationships.

Insight Workshops

8 hours

Workshops for individuals and couples, which cover what you must know about the unconscious motivations and dynamics in your relationships. It’s critical to know how different personalities affect relationships and understand those differences with compassion. This knowledge has been shown to significantly enhance relationships and improve connection.

Either a full retreat day or a series of 4 group workshops 6:30 – 8.30pm for four weeks.