Personality Developmental Pathways

Isn’t it confusing how different we all are? It can be so confusing understanding other people’s reactions, and even our own, and why others react or respond to us the way they do. Wouldn’t it be great to have a framework that helped us make sense of all that?

It turns out that science gives us some clues. Daniel Seigel (2010) states there are “scientific underpinnings to our habitual responses” that create a set number of developmental pathways, or patterns of emotion, cognition and behaviour. Research shows we have 3 centres of intelligence, however we each lead with one in particular. This shows that there are three main ways of knowing in the world, which guides where our attention goes – what we notice and what we don’t notice, what we care about and don’t care about, what we need and how we try to get those needs met. When we know what our main “centre of intelligence” is, then we can predict, both for ourselves and for others, how we’re likely to react, and what’s going to work for us.



Gut (Body)